Class Benefits

The Settlement provides the following free services to you for two years from Kroll Inc. whose ID TheftSmartTM service includes:

      Continuous Credit Monitoring – Monitoring alerts make you aware of key changes in your Experian credit file that could indicate the kind of unauthorized activity commonly associated with identity theft and fraud. Please note that to be eligible for the credit monitoring service, you need to be over the age of 18 with credit established in the U.S., have a Social Security number issued in your name, and have a U.S. residential address associated with your credit file.

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      Consultation Services - If a Member's situation appears fraud related or identity-theft related following a conversation with the consumer Solution Support Center, the call will be immediately directed to a Licensed Investigator at Kroll's Investigation and Restoration Center. The Licensed Investigator is able to help further identify the nature of the fraud and will assist the Member with gathering and completing necessary documents. They will also further advise the Member about resources, processes, and next steps for the individual's identity recovery work.

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      Enhanced Identity Theft Consultation and Restoration – Licensed Investigators who truly understand the problems surrounding identity theft, are available to listen, to answer your questions, and to offer their expertise regarding any concerns you may have. And should your name and credit be affected by this incident, your investigator will help restore your identity to pre-theft status.

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